25th March 2013

“It makes me upset, if not angry, when people assume that there can be no morality without a religious framework. If there's a moral framework without all that religious stuff, it's more valuable.”

Jane Asher

10 Responses to “25th March 2013”

  1. Capt'Z Says:

    If you really believe you are only good because you think there is an invisible man watching your every move, then maybe you’re not actually a good person.

  2. Gunnys Says:

    I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard people say such nonsense. One of the more idiotic times would have to have been a “class” where the instructor (and literature) explicitly stated without god it is impossible to have healthy relationships and set boundaries…

    This was at a US government installation funded by taxpayer dollars (and recently too). I interrupted the class to ask if he was being serious, at which point he started trying to backtrack and rationalize what he had said.


  3. Kit Says:

    My 11 year old daughter told me a few days ago that she wants to believe in god because she is afraid of what happens to you in hell. Even though I have explained there is no proof of hell. I have let her go to Vacation Bible school with her friends and she goes to some weekly “Sunshine Kids” group activities with her friends… She has a couple of friends who have missionary parents.. etc. And this is the result – fear. I am going to start pushing back on these people – how dare they.

  4. R J Says:

    if you think, ” there is an invisible man watching your

    every move,” you’ve got more problems than trying

    to be good !!!!!

  5. R J Says:

    KIT at 357 *****************

    you better do some SERIOUS ”pushing back.”

    these clowns are messing up your daughter’s head !!

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I like Capt’Zs opinion. The framework for morality exists between the ears. It is a practical matter and requires no outside or external guidance. Any fool can understand that it is far more beneficial to get along with others, it requires no advanced education to undestand that attacking others will not endear you to them. Morality has its fine points for sure, and differrences exists person to person, but not on the really big stuff. Raping your neighbors wife, killing the convenience store clerk after robbing the store, these things are wrong wherever you go. Heck even animals live in social circles, packs, schools. Attributing morality to god is nothing more than placing the sublimly simple upon the altar of absurd.

  7. The Heretic Says:

    It isn’t the framework for morality actually. It is the framework of human beings living together for thousands of years and over than time developing a civil code so that they/we would live peaceably among each other. It was probably just not written down formally, until the religious writers came along. Suddenly these ideas must have come down from on high? No. It was the evolution of civil society. It is codified in many of the 10 Commandments – you don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t diddle you neighbor’s wife, and don’t lie about it. Of course, then they had to add all of their own personal horse$#it to make it their own.

  8. Panzerbjørn Says:

    Any book that tells you how you should treat your slaves or under which circumstances you can beat your wife immediately looses any right to be considered ‘moral’…

  9. Jeff Says:

    The one I question personally is the moral authority of a book whose “inspiration” would send bears to rend (his inspired word not mine) a bunch of kids for the sin of mocking his prophet as a bald old coot, which the SOB was! Of course, that seemed less questionable to a folliclely challenged youth of 18 with a widows peak whose sides reached mid-crown than to his 58 year old remnant wearing even less in the hair department, but none the less, it seemed a bit extreme.

  10. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Where “rend” means to rip 42 boys to pieces. God signed off on this. Some boys, children, made the mistake of poking fun of the wrong prophet. Remember this is children, little boys (in my experience little boys do some silly things) who made a joke too many. Unleash the bears to rip them to shreds, to tear the little boys apart physically. This is god? This is morality?

    2 Kings 2:24