11th April 2008

“Both Heaven and Hell are here on Earth.”

Richard E. Grant

6 Responses to “11th April 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    This can be read in so many ways. Whole libraries have been written about heaven and hell. I’ll keep it simple, and interpret the words literally. Seeing that gods have never been proved to exist anywhere but in people’s heads, it is the same with heaven and hell: they are just concepts devised by the human brain.

  2. Tzuriel Says:

    I like to think of it more literally. One can find a, I guess, manifestation of heaven on this earth just as one can find one of hell. You know, the old saw, war is hell. Or, judging by the nature of this website, he’s trying to say they aren’t outside places that you go to after you die, but they are just what makes up the life experience. Take it however you like.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    I get your point, but I chose the biblical use of heaven and hell — i.e. as if they exist.

    So in fact I accept that heaven and hell exist insofar as they are inventions or concepts dreamed up by the human brain, which is no more than what all the gods appear to be too.
    No one has ever proved that gods, biblical heaven and the biblical vision of hell exist

  4. Tzuriel Says:

    Too true. Sorry, I didn’t mean literally in my comment, I meant poetically. It was early (relatively) and sleep and I didn’t agree last night. Anyway. Yeah, nobody’s proved it is true, but nobody’s proved it’s not either. It’s kind of up in the air. Though, again, I would love to hear your arguments against it. Mainly cause I need to think through it, and it helps to have someone play (or be) devil’s advocate.

  5. Renshia Says:

    “nobody’s proved it is true, but nobody’s proved it’s not either. It’s kind of up in the air. ”

    I believe when people die.. they all get stuck in pretty colored bubbles.. and they zip through space..bouncing from one star to the next. I believe this with all my heart.. When I think about it.. i get just giddy inside with happiness, joy and excitement.. and I have proof it is true.. that is what flying stars are really, just the light reflecting off speeding bubbles… I believe this is true.

    So now that I have expressed my belief, told you how, I witnessed the truth of it in my soul, and presented unquestionable proof……

    Does this mean it is ” kind of up in the air” as to it’s truth.
    The answer is plain and simple..I think I may have suffered from a delusion… nice as it is, doesn’t make it true.

    Death is like learning… you don’t really knows until you experience it.

  6. Tzuriel Says:

    Well, yeah, we don’t know, and that’s why it’s up in the air. Not all religious belief is so ridiculous, Renshia. The point is that we’ll never know until it comes. It reminds me of a passage in Douglas Adams’ “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” where one of the characters died and became a ghost. It was so funny cause Adams remarked that, whatever the truth was, it was generally agreed that all of us would know when we died. Well, hear he was, and didn’t know any more than he had before. That had me going for a while.