27th April 2013

“In Germany, the Catholic hierarchy during the 1920s opposed the Nazi Party, for the simple reason that they were promoting their own Catholic political organization, which they called the Center Party. By far the most important issue on their plate was the approval of a Concordat between Germany and the Vatican, to give the Church power over marriage, schools, tax money, etc.

In the elections of 1933, Nazis won the plurality of the Reichstag seats, but not an outright majority. A grand deal was struck: the hierarchy would not only back Hitler's bid for the chancellorship, but would dissolve the Center Party itself, most of whose adherents would then flock to the Nazis. In exchange, the Catholics got the Concordat they had pursued relentlessly for the previous 50 years. In the Concordat, Hitler agreed to have the government pay the cost of Catholic education at every level, all the way through secondary school, with the hierarchy given the right to hire and fire government-paid teachers.”

Luis Granados

4 Responses to “27th April 2013”

  1. kit Says:

    We will be relocating to the state of Hesse in June. I am looking at schools there and notice that “religious studies” are part of the curriculum…what??? what happened to secular Europe… at least I don’t have my kid sitting in a religious class at school. This is my first of many disappointments to learn – I am sure… stay tuned…reading today’s quote may explain how religion still has a hold on the education system…

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    kit–is it a class on comparative religion or a form of religious indoctrination? A comparative religion class could be helpful to a secular viewpoint.

  3. r j Says:

    well, the lord helps those who help themselves…..right, pope ??

    so what if we throw in with some of the sickest and most

    dangerous bastards in mankind’s history ???? we’re HELPING

    the CHURCH !!!! right, pope ??

    Ahh, the blessed RCC…always looking out for the flock !!

    well pope, flock you.

  4. kit Says:

    archaeopteryx – I don’t know which it is. I would support the one… not the other.