30th April 2013

“Secular society has led the way on sexuality as it did on the place of women, anti-Semitism and racial discrimination.”

The Independent

4 Responses to “30th April 2013”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    Yes. And unfortunately, where the secular society does not exist, all of these ideas are eschewed in the extreme.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    However, even in the 1st world, I see evidence that Anti-Semetism is again raising its ugly head.

  3. Cecil Whiteman Says:

    This is why the term”Religious Leaders” is an oxymoron because at best they follow, often at a great distance and much reluctance, behind secular society.

  4. Jeff Says:

    For the UK, the Independent, where the paper is based, is quite correct. But when it comes to Racism here in the US, I do believe that the churches (at least the RCC and old line Protestants, save in the South) were the leaders in the 1945-1970 time frame. And the dam breaking that we are seeing now on LGBT rights in the US is, in part, due to those same liberal churches taking a stand in the last few years. So, let’s at least give credit where it is due. A split decision at best, but if we can’t acknowledge the mythists when they’re right, it’s far harder to make them see when they’re wrong.