20th May 2013

“The sight of any part of a woman's body, including her face or hair, is considered sexually provocative in some cultures, and likely to inflame men's lust. But surely a more appropriate solution to this problem would be to educate men to stay indoors until they learn some self-control.”

Roy W. Brown

One Response to “20th May 2013”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    I, personally, find this fact to be bizarre. How is it in Western societies that woman can walk around in minimal apparel and it doesn’t cause more than a second look. But, in Muslim countries she may be raped and killed at any time and it would be her fault? Talk about an entire culture of impulsive juvenile men with no self-control whatsoever. How embarrassing. They lock their women away because they have absolutely no self-discipline. They are savage frauds with minds of children.