28th May 2013

“While bargaining for privileges with national governments, the Vatican utilises a benign language of religious 'community', protected by the freedom of thought, conscience and belief clauses of the main human rights instruments. Demands for separate schools, tax privileges as a charitable organisation and access to mechanisms of policy making relative to its perceived interests are predicated on the notion of benign religious fraternity. Yet, when the Machiavellian nature of the institutional church's corporate behaviour is scrutinised, the drawbridges are raised. 'Sovereignty', not 'community', becomes the dominant language of the church.”

Kenneth Houston

2 Responses to “28th May 2013”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    The Vatican is a political organization, not a charitable one. If you think it’s a charity, you haven’t looked at the opulence of their churches. In fact, name another religion that has its own country?

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Swaddled in words like faith, hope, and charity the church assumes the mantle of altruism, of giving, and of caring. There is an important reality to keep in mind and that is that if there were no poor, if there were no downtrodden, huddled masses the church would have no basis for its claims. As such it never spends what it can in its charitable efforts, it isn’t even close.

    As in government assistance and other so called altruistic organizations there is EXPANDING OVERHEAD. We have watched the rise of privilege in these so called altruistic organizations in many areas: Luxuriant lifestyles now being lived by the leaders of too many of these so called altruistic organizations.

    Once to run a non-profit was nearly a voluntary effort, you’d get a stipend maybe. Today many non-profits, government agencies, and churches pay their leaders six figure salaries or otherwise afford them a luxuriant life.

    I don’t believe altruism is good. I give monthly to the local food pantry but I make no mistake in why: I do it for me. It is purely a self-centered and selfish act. It is my greed that fuels this, not altruism.

    What do I donate? A case of coffee! Why coffee? Because my town’s poor are primarily elderly people and coffee helps fight cancer, the stimulative effect helps them to help themselves, and it might help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Altruism is the lie you tell yourself to make you think you are better than others. Altruism depends or the poor, the needy.

    Today’s quote, where scrutiny enters, reveals true colors – the church is in it for the money.