29th June 2013

“Forced to choose between doubting the evidence, and believing in a divine suspension of the laws of Nature, only someone already convinced that divine intervention occurs could opt for the miraculous as an explanation. Miracles cannot therefore be evidence of a divinity: belief in a divinity must be the evidence for miracles.”

Matthew Parris

2 Responses to “29th June 2013”

  1. Gunnys Says:

    I really love this quote and think it illustrates perfectly how people come to believe in superstitious or divine intervention.

    That we are “hard-wired” for a belief in the supernatural is a very likely response from the religious person. Either way, it’s not testable as far as I can figure.

  2. Jeff Says:

    There are some interesting experiments being done with young children and supernatural explanations that are beginning to indicate that below a certain age (of course it varies among individuals) either a natural or supernatural explanation for events makes exactly the same level of sense. It’s why religions make such a big deal about getting ’em while they’re young, because it’s so much easier to convince ’em of anything.