1st July 2013

“Kill them all. For the Lord knoweth them that are His.”

Abbot Arnaud Amalric– 1225

4 Responses to “1st July 2013”

  1. Michael G Bazemore Jr. Says:

    If indeed this was said (it was reported a couple of decades after the event by Caesarius of Heisterbach) it would have been uttered on July 21 or 22 1209. The 1225 date you supply is the year of Amalric’s death.

  2. Capt'Z Says:

    Charming, Abbot. Ahhh, the screams and carnage of Christian compassion.

  3. Jeff Says:

    It seems agreed that this quote is the origin of the military thinking still sometimes quoted in the American military “Kill ’em all and let god sort ’em out”.

    BTW, Mr. Bazemore, if years are listed after the name of the originator of the quote, it is those of their birth and death. The dash ahead of the 1225 date indicates that the year of Amalric’s birth is unknown (at least to the person who entered the quote on the system). A lack of dates after the name indicates that the person was still among the living when the quote made the database.

  4. Michael G Bazemore Jr. Says:

    It is, indeed, a wonderful quote for the practice you describe.

    Thanks for the correction on their dating convention.