3rd July 2013

“The most frequent abortions are done by nature. Or, if you take a theological view, by God. Spontaneous abortions occur in at least a third of pregnancies based on prospective studies. Yet the religious, who believe in the same god that kills all those bundles of cell, would enforce their personal beliefs against abortion to all women. Too bad for them: America isn't a theocracy and never will be. I hear Iran has good weather though.”


7 Responses to “3rd July 2013”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    I hate this topic. I understand the historical underpinnings behind a woman’s right to choose her own destiny, as opposed to being breeding stock for a patriarchal society. This is why I would never make abortions illegal.

    However, I do not agree with the concept of ‘Murder of Convenience’. In most cases, that is what abortion amounts to. Where is the concept of responsibility? Most abortions are not due to rape or incest, they are the result of irresponsible females who don’t take precautions and cannot keep their legs shut. I know, I know, two to tango….got that, but it only takes one to be responsible. It is possible to be a sexual creature and not procreate – I have done it.

    The other tidbit that horrifies me – late term abortions. I understand the occasional medical necessity. But, for those that aren’t? Come on people – if you don’t know whether you ‘want’ the child after 5 months, have it and put he/she up for adoption. If you don’t know whether you intend to bring the child to term by 5 months you are an irresponsible idiot.

    Further, Margaret Sanger was a Eugenist – her intent was to greatly reduce the propagation of blacks and immigrants. Not only is her scheme working better than her wildest dreams, but blacks and immigrants are her biggest proponents. How utterly sad.

  2. Jeff Says:


    There is so much I can say, and it is almost impossible for me to say it. In the first place, almost any statement which begins, “I understand…” usually only results in displaying the fact that the person so stating understands almost nothing about the subject. Yours is a perfect example. You understand, but fail to note that the US is both the most expensive place in the world to bring a pregnancy to term, and 56th (according to the CIA’s World Fact Book, stats from 2010) out of 183 in the world in Maternal Mortality Rate. You understand, but have almost certainly never held the hand of a woman who is aborting the fetus of some sperm donor who ran the other way the minute the word “pregnant” was said, something I have done 3 times for 3 different women (one of whom I later married and is the mother of my son).

    As to the rest, it should be noted that the ALCU was started by Communists in the 1930’s to defend their right to free speech. That does NOT make me a communist because I am a card carrying member of the ACLU, it makes me a person who believes in the Bill of Rights, and is willing to put my little bit into defending it. How utterly irrelevant is your final paragraph.

    Either women have the right to control their reproductive systems or they do not, and anything you say to attempt to create shades of gray in between is simply showing how little you truly understand.

  3. Gunnys Says:

    @The Heretic

    “Murder of convenience?”. If a 14 week old fetus were a conscious entity we could call it murder… otherwise, your concept of murder extends to the termination of the possibility of human life. In that case, where is the line drawn? 8 weeks? 4? Or do I conveniently “murder” hundreds of millions of possible humans every time I masturbate?

    You say “I would never make abortions illegal”. So what is the point of your post besides being borderline chauvinistic

  4. Defiantnonbliever Says:

    @Heritic, go soak your head with your damn slut shaming, ignorance of education, and economic realities many places, and moralizing of medicine.

  5. The Heretic Says:

    We resort to name-calling when you disagree? Typical. I find the lack of ethics among the respondents alarming, if not horrifying.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Funny, TH, I read all four responses before your last, and the only one that I saw which call anyone anything is the one with the words “irresponsible females” and “you are an irresponsible idiot”. I believe, from the header of that response, those words are yours, sir.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Nope – I called the irresponsible gentlemen who fertilized three fetus which I had the honor to help with the terminations “sperm donors”.