5th July 2013

“When religion was doing well, it did not need to go into politics. Secularity of our population and culture is obviously growing and so religion is on the defensive.”

Professor Barry Kosmin

2 Responses to “5th July 2013”

  1. Defiantnonbliever Says:

    Religion didn’t need to go into politics only because it was deeply entwined with it already. As it’s been kicked out of politics, education, and law over the years it’s put up a fight the whole way. Each gain for human rights and freedom has been a loss to the inherently controlling and meddlesome mandate or impulse to control people that religion takes as it’s role. It continues to attempt to grow in power and influence like any pathogenic virus at all opportunities and through all gaps in peoples skepticism.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    I agree with DNB. Religions power base is political. I do not see it manifest quite as extreme in the US, but in Europe (Christians)? Middle East and South Asia (Islam)? Vatican City has its own sovereignty. You cannot get more political than that.