12th July 2013

“The Catholic Church has been an advocate for slavery, for the subjugation of people in Africa, North and South America and Asia, for acts bordering on genocide and for the most appalling cruelties. Its supreme achievement is that this record is almost obliterated from public memory and the organisation is regarded as the repository of truth and morality by hundreds of millions of its adherents.”

Vincent Browne

One Response to “12th July 2013”

  1. Defiantnonbliever Says:

    I’m amazed that the catholic church survived world war 2 with their active participation and encouragement of it. ‘First’ in Spain to get back the nationalized church property through Franco with Hitler’s help and then with vicious direct genocide in Croatia. To let the catholic church survive while crushing only the nazis was a mistake. Their ability to con people into believing black is white and up is down time and time again is fascinating.