21st July 2013

“Common humanity is our only way forward and, by their very nature, faith schools encourage separatism.”

Martin Samuel

4 Responses to “21st July 2013”

  1. Dan Says:

    I laughed seeing “faith” and “schools” joined together like that.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    All fine and dandy. Public schools aren’t teaching children. They are instead filling children with leftist indoctrination. At least in faith schools the children are graduated knowing how to read and write. I would much prefer it if public schools would graduate children knowing reading, writing, history, mathematics, and how to think. The Teacher’s Unions are destroying public education.

  3. R. J. Says:


    i’m surprised you didnt get a bigger laff out of “common humanity.”

    there is no common humanity. just a bunch of tribes of jerk-offs

    dividing themselves by “religions.” and to what end ?

  4. Bruce Williams Says:

    Heretic, I’m not sure faith schools are doing much better, but they at least have the option of kicking disruptive kids out!