25th July 2013

“I am an American atheist. Our woefully deficient medical care system has made me a financial victim that would be unthinkable in other developed countries. I have been encouraged by government agencies to seek aid from "faith based initiatives". All have been willing to help but all have seized the opportunity to proselytize. Some even asked me to pray with them. Should atheists have to compromise their integrity to receive government sanctioned aid in a country that professes separation of church and state?”


7 Responses to “25th July 2013”

  1. Defiantnonbliever Says:

    NFW! The faith based initiative is and always will by an unconstitutional outrage and theft from secular healthcare. It is an attempt to privatize aid to the needy, always with strings and harm to the general public based on nonsense religious beliefs. How can I trust a doctor at such a place who might think suffering is a blessing? I saw a picture on the wall of pope innocent the VIII th(a truly despicable person) , I think it was. I wanted to bust it over my knee and destroy it, but needed care instead of arrest. I got mocked by a mental health hot line volunteer funded by a state controlled community mental health center, for believing in evolution and needing appropriate environmentally relevant work finding assistance. The faith based initiative is an outrage that needs to go now! Every dollar they steal is stolen from me and the whole US infrastructure to build a damned ‘church’.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    Interesting that there are not any secular medical aid groups, other than planned parenthood. Why would that be I wonder?

  3. The Heretic Says:

    This is slightly off-topic. I was reading an article on the possibility of atheist ‘chaplains’ in the military. I think it is a wonderful idea. Someone philosophical to talk to without the irritation of prosthelytizing. (OMG the caustic replies from theists were typical, but disheartening). But on a more encompassing note. I wish the atheist ‘movement’ would have a stronger philosophical arm. I know that there are groups of humanists, but they are just a pile of socialists from all I have seen. I would like to see philosophical disciplines spearheaded by atheists. A new ‘enlightenment’. It would encompass universities of actual thinking, charitable organizations (just for the good of the people), and be a force of good in a community. I wish there was a real movement of benevolence and philosophy. I think that would be a better counter to theist demagogues. Most people stay in churches because it is a good place to raise children and be part of the community. I think if atheists offered something like that, we would be in a profoundly better place. And we would get better press than just ‘another atheist group that attacking another Church or Church symbol’. All that does is engender hatred for us.

  4. Dan Says:

    There are, in fact, secular medical aid groups out there. I think that Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is the most well known among them. Amnesty International is also secular, and their scope is broader in fact than medical aid, including of course human rights issues.

    I hear you on the off-topic bit though. But of course it’s a hard problem to get around, as one of the defining characteristics of us unbelievers is to think outside the flock, so to speak. It’s not a very uniting characteristic for a group to have…

  5. Capt'Z Says:

    TH – regarding an atheist answer to church – fellowship without followship is how I think of it….


  6. The Heretic Says:

    Doctor’s without Borders are predominantly outside ours. Not helpful in a national sense. But, definitely a good start. Capt’Z – interesting link….I shall listen further.

    We need a community, even if we are individuals and non-dogmatic. What a wonderful thing if we could harken back to a philosophical movement reminiscent of the Greek philosophers or the Enlightenment of the 1700s and 1800s. I would rather be a group for something, rather than just taking issues with other groups.

  7. Defiantnonbliever Says:

    We have socialism for churches, they are big business, lol. $71 billion/yr. stolen from secular community healthcare, town meeting and rec facilities and general social infrastructure.