24th April 2008

“To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin.”

Saint Robert Bellarmine1542 – 1621

9 Responses to “24th April 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    A most satisfying truism,
    the former being not an assertion but a provable fact
    that the Greeks 1500-1800 years earlier had made abundantly clear.

    So much for Medieval theological blind prejudice against science. . . so much for blind belief of the unbelievable in unsupported claims held within religion.

  2. Critic Says:

    This is such a wonderful quote!

    The man was a total fool. And, as you suggest TM, he was doing his best to reverse human knowledge by hundreds of years. A true insight into the disgusting stance taken by the religious – of all time periods.

    The idiots are still at it today as evidenced by the “documentary” Expelled and it’s star Ben Stein. He too is a total fool.

    What religion has done, and is doing, to human society is an atrocity far exceeding any committed in recorded history.

  3. Chris Says:

    What the heck does “saint” mean anyway? They want to make Mother Theresa a “saint” too. Must mean “evil persecutor of rational thought and exemplar of false kindness”. And, by the way, isn’t praying to saints something akin to worshipping false idols? A dim wit but entirely consistent with his peers – past and present.

  4. Critic Says:

    The word “saint” means that the church decided that promoting this person would provide some benefit to their cause of universal lobotomization of the faithful.

    Evidence in support of my assertion can be easily found a wikipedia,

    At a minimum, two important miracles are required to be formally declared a saint. The Church, however, places special weight on those miracles or instances of intercession that happened after the individual died and which are seen to demonstrate the saint’s continued special relationship with God after death.

    It is hard to believe that so many people are so deluded. I am glad I had the good fortune not to be one of them. There but for circumstances, go I.

  5. Tzuriel Says:

    …I like Mother Teresa…

    That’s something I’ve always thought about the Catholic church, Chris. I had a friend who was Catholic and I asked him about that and he got pretty pissed. Course (I was Mormon at the time) he asked about polygamy so I guess we’re even. He said the saints acted as intercessories between you and God, kinda the idea that you can’t communicate with God directly cause of His glory and all that, but they’ll take your prayers to Him. I always thought that if there was a God, we should be able to communicate with Him directly. But that’s just me. I could never be Catholic, though.

    Tell me more about expelled, Critic. I’ve heard about it, but haven’t really bothered investigating.

    Of course, I’ve something to say concerning both TM and Critic’s comments. While I’d be blind to say that all religious peole are good, or that none of them are trying to stop learning, I don’t think all religious people are, nor do all religions go that direction. Particular people, like Mr. Bellarmine, I would dare say do, often those in positions of power. But there are many religious people who just do the best they can with what they’ve got, and many that promote learning as well. Even were I to split with religion, I’ll have a hate the sin, love the sinner kind of stance. If one were to try and “defeat” religion, it would have to be done through love and education.

  6. Critic Says:

    …I like Mother Teresa…

    You are a real lightening rod. Go read The Missionary Position (snippet available here)


    for a more telling view of what she was.

    Tell me more about expelled, Critic.

    Don’t take my word for it. This website has plenty of info


    Or you could go to the movie website which is a load of crap like the movie itself.

    Here’s an account of some screenings of the flick



    and here’s an attempt at enlightenment for a victim of the movie’s evil propaganda expertly done by Dawkins


  7. Chris Says:

    “kinda the idea that you can’t communicate with God directly cause of His glory and all that, but they’ll take your prayers to Him.”

    I’ll wear sunglasses. As far as old lady Theresa goes, she was being nicely descriptive when she called her place the “Home for the Dying” because, though her charity had (has!) millions, they were NOT spending it on improving the lives of the poor souls that went to them for help. Lots of compassion but not so much as an advil to go with the dirty straw mat where you could expect to waste away and die. So much could have been bought for so little and would have been had the money been in the hands of an NGO instead of being frittered away on self promotion and promotion of the faith and promotion of suffering being “virtuous”.

    I for one am glad the old bitch is dead. For a primer on how evil this person really was, see her acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in which she says, the greatest evil facing mankind isn’t war or biggotry or crime or religious division or hunger or overpopulation or terrorism or apathy or even, surprisingly, evolution. It’s abortion. What-the-what?!? She was nuts and misguided and the world is fractionally better with her out of it. Maybe now the people in Home for the Dying can get a mosquito net and a $2 anti malarial.

  8. Tzuriel Says:

    That’s very interesting stuff, and, if you’re correct, I find myself grossly misinformed. Would you mind giving me some sites where I could check that out. Sorry, but I can’t just take your word for it; I don’t think you’re lying but I just want to check for myself.

  9. Tzuriel Says:

    How’d I miss Critic’s comment? Oh, well. I’ve actually looked at Expelled myself and it made me laugh (I didn’t watch, just knowing what it said). hehe Intelligent Design…even when I was religious I knew that was a retarded theory. Oh, well.

    Just so you know, Critic, I have since been “enlightened” about Mother Teresa. You haven’t exactly been staying inside yourself, you know. I think you especially should look at the 25th. Click on the link and be “enlightened” (more religious terminology).