29th August 2013

“God isn't a name, it's a noun. It was only capitalised by Christian scholars attempting to distinguish their god from the older pagan ones.”

Jennifer Hynes

2 Responses to “29th August 2013”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Indeed mere mentioniing of the god name would get you off’d. All for fear of using the name in vain. Yahweh damn’d Jesus pigs!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Funny story on that one, Sinjin.

    My uncle Don (the Methodist minister) and I were in his basement workshop when I was 13, and he was hammering something home with a tack hammer, when he screwed up and smacked his left thumb full on with the little thing and let out with a resounding “God damn it”, to my somewhat shocked laughter, at which point he turned to me and said the most amazing thing I ever heard from a Protestant minister’s mouth, “Son, life just ain’t worth living without a good God damn it every once in a while.” At which point we both broke out laughing.

    This was the man who convinced me that most of the clergy were nothing more, nor less, that people trying to do right as they saw it. His forays into the bars of Flint, MI in mufti, because “people will talk about things in bars that they’d never say to a minister”, despite his congregation’s objections. He was also a man who thought “The Sound of Silence” would have made a “hellova hymn” as he told me when he asked me to transcribe it for him.

    I’ve never said there aren’t bad ones – but that, my friend, is the human condition.