7th November 2013

“The practice of conscientious objection arises in the field of health care when healthcare providers refuse to provide certain health services based on religious, moral or philosophical objections. While recognising the right of an individual to conscientiously object to performing a certain medical procedure, the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee is deeply concerned about the increasing and largely unregulated occurrence of this practice, especially in the field of reproductive health care, in many Council of Europe member states.”

European Social Health & Family Affairs Committee

One Response to “7th November 2013”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I have problems with the claim of “conscientious objection” in the medical field.

    The first is that being in a medical profession is a voluntary choice. NO one was forced into the field. The status of conscientious objector was created to allow people who have religious or moral objection to war to avoid IN-voluntary service. Since medical service if voluntary, all one has to do is to quit, and you can avoid the problem. What these people want is the status and pay grade without doing their complete job.