10th November 2013

“What is behind much of the current 'offence' industry is the realisation that the churches have lost the privileged position they have held for far too long. Religious adherents need to make their case in today's market-place of ideas by the integrity of their thinking and the attractiveness of their exemplars and not by blasphemy laws, historic privileges, threats, serial taking of offence and fatwas.”

Ron Ferguson

One Response to “10th November 2013”

  1. Baal htAzhiir Says:

    The churches claim that their god is all-powerful. However they prove their disbelief by their continuing efforts to use secular law to enforce their own (often opposite the teachings of Jesus) dogma. Their god is obviously, at least in their minds, incapable of changing human hearts or/and minds; therefore, the church and its adherents must force adoption of their “beliefs” by purely secular means.