18th November 2013

“What is behind much of the current 'offence' industry is the realisation that the churches have lost the privileged position they have held for far too long. Religious adherents need to make their case in today's market-place of ideas by the integrity of their thinking and the attractiveness of their exemplars and not by blasphemy laws, historic privileges, threats, serial taking of offence and fatwas.”

Ron Ferguson

2 Responses to “18th November 2013”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    So what are we talking, an eye for an eye? Are we trying to get even? How about we show them that we are better than them, by not turning around and being the neighborhood bully? How about we live and let live? The ‘offense’ industry is just that, offensive. We don’t need to put them in their place. It brings us down to their level. We need to be better than that.

  2. D Bohart Says:

    “trying to get even”? “live and let live”? Any one who’s taken a casual glance at the last two thousand years of religious history will see that we are just trying to hold our own and protect Human Rights and the Separation of church and State. Watching the religious attempt to defend the indefensable is telling. Those who torture and kill those who disagree with them, who refuse woman the rights to their own bodies, etc. That’s “offensive”.
    Thank you Ron Ferguson for your Quote of the Day! It’s right on!