5th May 2008

“If they think that an artist can destroy their faith, then their faith is rather fragile.”

Marilyn Manson

6 Responses to “5th May 2008”

  1. Critic Says:

    Of course their faith is fragile – just think how hard it must be to continue deluding yourself about the existence of god. Every circumstance and thing you see in the universe exists as if there is no god. Your prayers are never answered – you just have to rationalize some outcome as the “will of god.” I think even the sick minds of the religious are teetering on the verge of sanity by admitting that they are really atheists at the core; however, they keep the delusion alive through weekly brainwashing visits to the insane asylum (ie., church, synagogue, mosque).

    Those weekly indoctrination sessions are the diabolical method used to enable the religious domination of humanity.

  2. Tzuriel Says:

    You sound like a pastor preaching the evils of Satan, Critic.

    In more ways than one, you’re just as deluded as they are.

  3. Critic Says:

    Tzuriel, I don’t think that anyone who grew up in the Mormon faith and still defends Joe Smith as a great human being has any right to call someone deluded. Why don’t you refrain from the personal attacks and tell me what I said wrong in the first post?

    Do you disagree that every circumstance and everything you see in the universe behaves as if there is no god? If so, why? And, please, try to provide some real evidence as a basis for your argument – if you have any that is.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Chris Says:

    The context of the quote is important. Manson was right on the money. A while back he was being attacked left, right and center by religious folks who really ought to have known better. As if he was the proximate cause of Columbine and the downfall of morals in the U.S.

    The cognitive dissonance of these type of folks is really stunning. On the one hand they want government out of their lives for things like protecting the environment and the department of education and on the other they want government to act like a theocracy to promote “life” and prayer in school and teach our kids that the earth is 6K years old while at the same time saying liberals (most of whom are believers too) are waging a war on christmas. They do come off as fragile.

    I’m sorry Tz but this kind of stuff can’t help but look wierd and inconsistent and defensive and like special pleading to those of us who think that it’s all just iron age myths that majorities haven’t woken up to yet. Like a flat earth. It’s odd that this is an odd position to be in – requiring proof before belief. Most don’t. From our perspective, believers are by definition either willfully ignorant, deluded, ill or conscious frauds. This sounds mean but it’s not meant to be. We all know good people that buy this stuff. And we’ve all met bad ones that try and sell it. It’s only preaching to the extent that a teacher in biology class that covers the germ theory of disease is preaching which is to say, not preaching at all.



  5. Critic Says:

    It’s odd that this is an odd position to be in – requiring proof before belief.

    Yes, so very odd that I forget that faithheads godbots the religious fools majority (is that a fair term?) would consider it unusual to require proof before belief.

    They certainly require proof before belief in other aspects of their lives – when dealing with their money for example.

  6. Terence Meaden Says:

    Aptly put, Mr. Critic.