27th January 2014

“Laws should not impinge on religious freedoms, nor should courts judge on theological matters. By the same token, democratically determined and human rights compliant law must take precedence over the law of any religion.”

Keith Porteous Wood

One Response to “27th January 2014”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    As in the gay marriage debate, where those so often opposed seem to do all the squawking about being deprived of their liberty when it comes to gun control matters. They will stand on a chair outside city hall and scream “god hates fags” and pressure politicians to deprive gay people of their inalienable rights.

    It is as if the concept of double standard or hypocrisy, when it comes to freedom and liberty, is beyond them in some way. It isn’t, we could change the specific subject matter and they would object to the hypocrisy.

    On other matters free is free, freedom is freedom, as long as you don’t deprive me of my freedom I won’t deprive you of yours. If I want to paint my house yellow, be Catholic or Protestant, et cetera and the general human agreement of you having no say in mine and me no say in yours is fine.

    But add in that you are an atheist, or gay, want to travel to Cuba, and use firearms for lawful purposes and some people want to tell you what you can and can’t do.

    “Eew they’re different, we need to do something about them” or “there is little we can do about violent behavior in society, but we can ban guns”.

    Then comes Bastiat, are some made of a “finer clay”.

    Religion is no basis for law, morality, ethics, virtue, or decency and liberty and freedom are worth fighting for even when you don’t share the same interests, vices, practices, and pleasures of others.

    We are “kinda free”. I’d like to be “fully free”. Being fully free isn’t going to make want to smoke pot, or make me want to get down on my knees and suck the sperm from a man’s penis, or buy a gun to shoot someone, or worship the Devil, and I don’t think it will change anybody. I’m not going to Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Iran not for not being allowed. They just don’t seem like fun or interesting places.

    I want to do anything I want and I promise everybody I won’t steal their stuff, I won’t assault them, and I won’t deprive them of anything. All I ask is if we can all agree on the that.

    The thieves, violent criminals, and demagogues have no place in free society for their lack of respect of others.

    My ignorance is not as good as your knowledge. Thank you Isaac.