12th February 2014

“Christianity was founded by Paul of Tarsus, by mistake and not for any ethical reasons. He thought that he was fulfilling Jesus's mission and expected the latter's imminent return.”

Steuart Campbell

2 Responses to “12th February 2014”

  1. Dan Says:

    Paul’s visions and hyper – religiosity indicate he probably was experiencing temporal lobe epilepsy, too.

  2. Capt'Z Says:

    Jesus, if you believe that he said what’s attributed to him, also believed that His return was imminent. If Jesus was ‘divine’, is it reasonable to assume he got that wrong? How could a divine being ever be wrong about anything?

    Personally, I’m not convinced there was ever such a person. Why else would the early church have had to interpolate his existence into already written histories? They looked for evidence of his life, found none, and so created some out of whole cloth.