6th March 2014

“'God' is not dead; he but needs a new publicist.”

Jean-Baptiste Michel

3 Responses to “6th March 2014”

  1. Defiantnonbliever Says:

    No. Gods are far too much trouble, they need a bounty and to be hunted to extinction.

  2. Will Says:

    “They told me they’d be eliminating my position soon,” said God. Guess I’ll have to update my resume.” “I hear you, said Santa. “I won’t be able to make my sleigh payments.” The stork looked dejected. “Informed couples are onto me,” he said. “My deliveries are at an all-time low.” “Dentists and fluoride are kickin’ my butt,” said the Tooth Fairy. Mother Goose lamented, “We need to face reality. We can no longer survive on fantasy.”
    –Will Walsh

  3. r j Says:

    oh boy !!! a new one for my collection of dopey quotes !!