17th March 2014

“There is an incompatibility between belief in the virgin birth and the messiahship of Jesus.

<li>The virgin birth implies that the actual father of Yeshua was the Holy Spirit.</li>
<li>Numerous places in the Hebrew Scriptures state that the coming messiah was to be of the House of David.</li>

<li>If Yeshua is the messiah, then he could not have been born of a virgin; he would have had to have a father who was of the House of David, and</li>
<li>If Jesus was born of a virgin, then he could not have been the messiah, because his father – the Holy Spirit – was not a human descendent of the House of David.</li>

Bruce Robinson

One Response to “17th March 2014”

  1. Will Says:

    Who or what is the holy spirit or the holy ghost? No evidence for holy spirit exists, nor does faith require there to be. Is God God, or is God Jesus? Why is God sometimes referred to as Lord God, and Jesus is referrred to as Lord Jesus? More incoherent inconsistencies and incongruencies. Regardless of fatherhood, it was an immaculate conception, right? Just ventilating here. :~]