16th May 2008

“The only way to respect all religions equally is to respect none of them at all.”

Unknown author

6 Responses to “16th May 2008”

  1. Ed Says:

    I’ve had a similar thought, myself. I don’t fully agree, but I’ll stick here to commenting from my partial agreement. In these days of prizing diversity and encouraging tolerance of different viewpoints (and other cultural artifacts), it occurs to me that it is actually kind of DISrespectful to those who hold a particular religious viewpoint to suggest to them that others are equally valid and that they, therefore, ought to show tolerance of them. This really amounts to saying that everyone has their own little opinions about things, now why can’t we all recognize this and get along. Nothing could be more disrespectful to the true believer, it would seem.

  2. Chris Says:

    I like your line of reasoning Ed. I think you are correct – witness Pastor Hagee. Said the catholic church was “the great whore” now is all chummy with them. Does anyone really think he doesn’t still believe this, and probably about all other faiths as well? Most faiths smile and nod at each other publicly but if they really believe they MUST harbor black thoughts about everyone outside. Kind of goes with the territory of thinking you’re God’s chosen people. Pisses me off when these folks say they’re gonna pray for me. Personally I don’t think most western people do believe which makes it a lot easier to be “tolerant” when people view each other as rival magicians – in on the trick. Wink, nod.

  3. Renshia Says:

    It would seem to me that respect and tolerance are different things. Religious beliefs are centered on a “belief in god”, this is a delusional belief.
    Now as a lover of freedom and peace, I believe in tolerance, that allows me to accept that some people hold to religious beliefs. In no way can I find any need or justification to show or encourage any respect for this belief system.
    It makes me think of a conversation I had with my son when he was young.
    after some trouble he had, the subject was about respecting elders and I explained to him, respect is earned, not just freely given. If one is not deserving of respect, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve tolerance.
    Ones respect should be a valuable thing and that it has to be earned and if it wasn’t earned then he was not obligated to defer to it.
    Religion has not earned respect, It would be the same as saying that child molesters deserve be respect because their people to. Really, if you look at all the damage done to kids within religion, is there really any difference?
    No, the only respect given to religion should be none at all.

  4. Critic Says:

    I like the distinction between tolerance and respect. I can say that I respect all religions equally – which is to say not at all as the QOTD suggests. But I have to admit that I am less tolerant of some religions than I am of others. I’m sorry to say that my bigoted stance is not based on rationality but on the emotions of disgust and revulsion.

    I also try to distinguish between religion and the religious. There are religious people that I respect, but they don’t earn any of my respect because of their religion.

    Further, there are charitable acts of some religious organizations and people that I respect – when they are performed to meet a physical need and not associated with proselytizing (admittedly a somewhat rare occurrence).

  5. Renshia Says:

    I agree with the separation of religion and the religious. I truly believe there are good intentioned people that are religious.
    I was raised catholic, We lived next door to the church. The priest their was a magnificent man. I hold him in the highest respect of anyone I know. He offered me sanctuary in the horror of my life. I never suffer any abuse from him, and when he could he sheltered me from things. He was the guy that taught me how to whistle with a blade of grass and the guy that helped me get my kite down.. He was a very good man and he was a priest. However his religion is and was sick and demented………..

    Where did they get 30 billion dollars to pay out for child abuse?.. thieving bastards. How can anyone be stupid enough to fall for it I do not understand…

  6. Hammy Says:

    Good quote. Thank you.