7th July 2014

“The more sizeable the place that Islam occupies in a society, the more it will approach the tragic Arabic conditions from which tens of thousands flee every year. Islam, in short, has not managed to create free societies based on human rights.”

Hege Storhaug

3 Responses to “7th July 2014”

  1. Jeff Says:

    This is merely a restatement of yesterday’s quote, with the general rule applied to Islam.

  2. rj Says:

    islam is insane and barbaric……………..

    can you say ”ISIS”

  3. Jeff Says:

    Dear rj,

    Islam is no more insane nor barbaric than any other form of religious insanity, be it either of the other Abrahamic religions nor any of the polytheistic insanities. All claim truth, all tell nothing other than imaginings.