26th May 2008

“Historians may one day look back on the next few decades, not as yet another era when religious conflicts enveloped countries and blew apart established societies, but as the era when secularization took over the world.”

Alan Wolfe

2 Responses to “26th May 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    If only it could be so.
    Alas, although non-theists know that the full truth is a godless universe and that gods exist only in the lies and imaginations of men, we know too that bigoted godbots will never let go—forever tormenting the brains of the young and the vulnerable through what amounts to mental slavery and cruelty.
    Once the fictions of faith are in people’s heads it is exceedingly difficult to be rid of them—and to replace them with the philosophical exactitudes of scientific rationality. But it can be done, and is more likely with individuals who take the care to learn of the scientific truths that are being thoroughly well researched (yet often insufficiently well expounded) by the elite scientists.
    When I was young, with World War II ended, I saw the planet as an ever-improving place.
    Communism would not last. Scientific and technological expertise would increasingly benefit the world. Everyone would be grateful for the findings of science. Everyone with the capability would be well educated. Religions would be seen for the arbitrary fictions that they are, and would persist only in the minds of the cerebrally-challenged. Religions would weaken, and eventually infect no more than a small residual part of humanity; and crime would lessen under the help and guidance of welfare states and improved schooling worldwide. How simplistic!
    For I also knew the really major problem—that of gross planetary overpopulation. Could this be resolved? Or would the selfishness of groups, unforeseen by me, override best commonsense and expand their populations through some zealous misplaced circumstance?
    There’s the problem. The Pope wants the numbers of Catholics to keep on rising, while the Islamic populations are bursting away and religious extremists are beyond anybody’s control. Hence, I note with sadness that our world continues to have its needless tragedies. . . Alan Wolfe is not right. It is too early for widespread secularization, but which hopefully will arise and emanate first from western countries and from perhaps China.

  2. Hammy Keylor Says:

    We can dream and hope but we need to help the process along.