27th May 2008

“Just when faith turns hot and dangerous, threatening life and limb again, the government responds by encouraging more of it and more religious segregation. If ever there was a time to set out the unequivocal value of a secular state, it must be now.”

Polly Toynbee

2 Responses to “27th May 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    This is what came of voting a labour government into power at a time when it was being led by the fundamental bible-believer Tony Blair. The academy-making that he encouraged has produced schools segregated into the various mythical faiths, particularly those of the Catholic, Jewish and Muslim variety.
    I liked what I found on Wikipedia about Polly Toynbee. Here’s an excerpt:
    An atheist, Polly Toynbee is an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society, a supporter of the Humanist Society of Scotland and was appointed President of the British Humanist Association in July 2007.
    In 2004 the Islamic Human Rights Commission awarded her the ‘Most Islamophobic Media Personality’ title in the Annual Islamophobia Awards— a claim she strongly contested. She pointed out she is simply a consistent atheist, and is just as critical of Christianity and Judaism. She wrote:
    The pens sharpen – Islamophobia! No such thing.
    Primitive Middle Eastern religions (and most others) are much the same – Islam, Christianity and Judaism all define themselves through disgust for women’s bodies.

  2. Chris Says:

    Disgust never seemed to me the right word for how fundamentalists view women.It seems to me that their weird misogynistic tendencies are pretty simple and boil down to male dominance and the treatment of women as property and inferior. It simply would not do to have women able to talk to god, although political concessions are made on this point from time to time. Religion is a great way to keep control of the women and thereby controlling sex – who gets to have it with who and making sure dad is confident the kids are really his. So, blame women for our fall from grace, make their creation a divine afterthought, a concession to Adam who had this great penis but nowhere to put it.

    People could perhaps be forgiven for believing this crap 400 years ago but what exactly is their excuse today when we now have a full understanding of how old we really are and how all these books were written by people that by todays standards were near illiterate. A child in 2nd grade knows more about the natural world today than did the any adult in Roman times. (excepting mathematics, of course)

    The separation argument is not even an argument. Do you want government decisions dictated by people that think “sin” causes disease and gay pride parades cause hurricanes? You really don’t. Anybody that feels otherwise ought to have the courage of their convictions and eschew all things that the enlightenment and science have given us. Cholera or plague would quickly wipe them out and the rest of us could have some peace.