28th August 2014

“I am against legislation that restricts religious freedom, but the debate changes when parents' religion interferes with the right to a good education.”

Jonny Scaramanga

2 Responses to “28th August 2014”

  1. FlyingFree333 Says:

    Religious freedom means the right of the INDIVIDUAL to practice their religion, it does NOT mean the right of the parent to inflict their religion on their child. A parent’s rights end where their child’s rights begin and the child also has the right of religious freedom, which includes the right to not have someone else’s religion imposed on them. Parents don’t have rights, children do. Parents are only temporary custodians of children, not their masters.

  2. R J Says:

    to flyingfree333 ……………………..

    you’re a little bit too general, but on the right track . keep up the

    critical thinking !!!! we NEED people who can think !!!