4th September 2014

“Many people confuse Islamicism with Islam and argue that the tenets of Islamicism contradicts the tenets of Islam. Islamicism is a political ideology. Its opposite is not moderate Islam, but a cosmopolitan culture which transcends all religions while respecting them. Its enemy is a globalised world where the free movement of capital, commodities and people is uninhibited.”

Meghnad Desai

4 Responses to “4th September 2014”

  1. R J Says:

    this is one of the biggest ”load of crap” quotes i’ve see on

    atheist qotd.

    this is the typical muslim nonsense…………… read the last sentence.

    i hate humans deeply…… but i have a special glowing hate for the present-

    day lunatics known as ”ISIS.’

    and today’s quote seems to be the output of one of their ”brainy”


    well, ISIS, here’s 2 ideas to chew on ………………

    1) you havent got a clue

    2) your’re doomed

  2. Will Says:

    My tenets contradict Desai’s lack of subject/verb agreement.

    And RJ: Keep working on that punctuation and xenophobia.

  3. Black Knight No. 3 Says:

    @Will: I don’t think R J needs to work on his (her?) xenophobia, I think it’s already well developed!

  4. Will Says:

    Black Knight No. 3: Yes – his fear is quite evident. What a way to go through life!


    There are no universally-accepted definitions.
    Yin and yang are not opposites.
    Their colors are an unending flow of blendings.
    Hard, bright and unyielding coexists with soft, dark, and yielding.
    We are on a belief continuum.
    Your truth may be that God and heaven are “up there.”
    My truth is that the universe is deterministic,
    systematic, harmonious, infinite, and eternal.
    May we respectfully agree on the subjectivity and relativity of it all.
    May we respect, tolerate and live in harmony
    within the diversity of our beliefs.
    In reality there are no absolutes.
    No precise points, limits, or quantities.
    Thus, no absolute truth in these very words.