31st May 2008

“With research showing mothers to be the prime influencers of their offspring's religious behaviour, it remains the rejection of the church by young women 40 years ago that was so catastrophic. Their children never came through the doors.”

Michael Valpy

2 Responses to “31st May 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    This is simplistic.
    Society, at least in Britain, is becoming more secular for other reasons. Some are due to a growing volume of common sense regarding the uncovering of the stupidity of claimed spiritual matters as the church loses its centuries-long grip on much of the population.

    My parents and I are three among the millions. Their independence allowed me to become a freethinker early on, and to spot the church’s preachers and priests for the dimwits that they are. The true position, as proved by elite scientists, is that a theist-free universe is the initial and fundamental situation, upon which ignorant god-followers continue to try imposing the frauds and fictions that they call gods and their bogus books.

  2. Hypatia Says:

    It may be simplistic but I think he’s onto something here. Mums set the tone during childhood and inculcate lifelong habits.

    My mother’s generation was of the churchgoing kind, but many women ten years older rejected the church over social and political differences. For their children, looking in from the outside the church looks like a crazy place, full of crazy people. Why would they ever want to go there?

    If women in the USA become similarly disenchanted then a similar effect might follow. However, there are no signs of it yet, except in the case of the Catholic church which is taking a well-deserved nose dive 🙂