3rd June 2008

“The culture wars that America has grown used to may become a global phenomenon; expect fierce battles about science, in particular.”

The Economist

4 Responses to “3rd June 2008”

  1. Chris Says:

    This may be wishful thinking on my part, but the “culture war” in the U.S. may have burned itself out. Court decisions have certainly not gone the way that the irrationalists have hoped. It’s not to say conditions couldn’t change in a way that promotes a flare-up, but for now the mood of the country seems to have turned toward more reality-based pursuits. Witness our presidential politics – we’ve nominated John McCain and Barack Obama – two men for whom the separations clause causes no apparent discomfort. Yes, I know McCain’s french kiss with the religiofacists isn’t good news but I think the real McCain was the one who called these same folks “agents of intolerance” which makes his cozying up now that much more cynical, insulting and dispiriting to the lunatic fringe.

    Now, if we could just get the space in the White House where the Office for Faith Based Initiatives is housed fumigated, we’d be set back on the constitutionally mandated straight and narrow path.

  2. Nefari Says:

    It’s good to see in recent days some reminders of the risk politicians take by closely associating with men who claim they have a special hotline to the great being in the sky. If they claim the dead rise from the grave, that water miraculously turns into wine, man-gods are born of virgins, then you can expect them to say anything no matter how profound and far-fetched.

  3. Chris Says:

    Nice – such as The Flintstones was a documentary.

  4. Terence Meaden Says:

    In the enlightened countries of the free-speaking west there should be no contest—insofar as it should be steady one-way success for those supporting the scientific ethic and the majestic achievements, discoveries, practices and predictions of science.
    Religionists are anti-rational, anti-freethinking, superstitious, illogical thickheads—trapped by the brain-washing programme with which they were inflicted when young.

    They should give up or shut up; or join those who are on the side of common sense.

    For too long rational freethinkers, atheists, and anti-theists have been on the defensive, despite being the ones who are right.

    So let’s stop pussy-footing and loudly expose the credulous, cerebrally-challenged godbots for the embarassing shame that they bring to human intellect.
    They are anti-scientific, irrational, faith-swallowers—unfreethinkers, myth-believing, mind-warped prisoners of biblical fictions and illogical traditions.