7th June 2008

“The focus on maintaining empty appearances of chastity and prudence while continuing to indulge the same pleasures as less hypocritical people is endemic to this country, at least on the right. See: Larry Craig, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Ted Haggard, etc. It's why you see so many people piously intone about being all for abstinence and against abortion, and yet when the chips are down, they'll quietly support comprehensive sex education and abortion rights.”

Amanda Marcotte

One Response to “7th June 2008”

  1. Chris Says:

    Or worse, when the chips are down they are consistent with their words and they FAIL to support those examples. The ones that are consistent spare themselves the embarrassment of being obvious hypocrites. If you’re gonna be dead flat wrong at least there’s some small virtue in being consistent about it.

    The ones that really drive me around the bend are the ones in the quote. Conscious frauds all, and the basest of traitors to those they influence. I get so angry with the somnabulant effects of religion and its attendant mental habits: credulousness, blind obedience to authority, incuriousness.

    People raised on the thin porridge of these debasing myths are dull pencils, unable to draw a straight line from their pastor’s gross misbehavior to the conclusion that it’s all made by man in support of his own desires. It doesn’t even let them be angry at the Jim Baker with his greasy claw in their wallet.

    I’m not pissed off enough…can we get a quote about Islam? That ought to do it.

    Isn’t port the best.