14th December 2014

“Isn't the whole point of the Enlightenment is to rely on reason and empiricism, not, like fundamentalists, the revealed truth of a sacred text?”

Katha Pollitt

2 Responses to “14th December 2014”

  1. Jeff Says:

    The problem, Ms. Pollitt, is that our conservative brethren have sold themselves so thoroughly to the Christian fundamentalists that they have forgotten that they are supposed to be fundamentalists of a nation that is the result of the Enlightenment.

  2. WPJ Says:

    Actually I feel the problem Jeff and Ms. Pollitt have pointed out (and I hope they and others respond to my comments) is not what the “whole point “of the Enlightenment be, which is indeed relying on reason and empiricism for revealing truth and knowledge, which I believe most of us have accepted. The problem be for Fundamentalists and other groups for a pleasant existence is that one must continue to take a leap of faith. Alas, one might rationally accept the spirit of the Enlightenment, yet reject its basic principles simultaneously. Such a process allows for accepting “revealed truth of a sacred text” and remains disgraceful.