19th January 2015

“Not long ago, the universe was very different. The earth was flat, and the sun, stars and heavens revolved around it. The sun was a chariot pulled west across the heavens each day. Eclipses were signs from celestial deities. Floods were displays of spiritual anger. With the help of science and technology, in a relatively short time most of us have forgotten beliefs like those. And so it will go with all mythology: a slow and steady withering away, until only the truth remains.”

Samuel J. King

One Response to “19th January 2015”

  1. William P Jacobus Says:

    …Or a complete and final annihilation of all of human existence. Curious why and what the truth remaining will look like. Absolute destruction might still look quite similar to a distant observer. Perhaps remaining truth would be a little more pleasant. Non of this would be as engaging as the NFC overtime championship game.
    William P. Jacobus