16th June 2008

“I am used to seeing strange and illogical slogans outside churches, but the one I saw yesterday must be one of the most bizarre of all: God doesn't believe in atheists. Do they think I might be converted by being told that an imaginary being doesn't believe I exist?”

Alan Gore

2 Responses to “16th June 2008”

  1. John Sutton Says:

    Clearly, Atheists do exist. I have been one for 50 years. The writer of this slogan cannot believe in the infallibility of his god. Therefore, it is not a god at all.

    More seriously, the authors are being intentionally offensive to Atheists. That is not a problem to me except that they should not use church premises, subsidised by the taxpayer, to attack people with a different world-view to their own. What would they say if I erected hoarding on public property to insult them.

  2. Terence Meaden Says:

    Well John, I do not particularly want to start erecting hoardings on public property for such purposes, but if you wanted to do so, I would agree to joining you.

    Just imagine, next to a church:

    “Religion is fraud.”

    “God does not exist except in the minds of the deluded”,

    and so on.