21st March 2015

“Atheists don't ask for much… What we do ask is that our leaders refrain from publicly disparaging us, from calling us liars, cowards, lesser soldiers, simply because we don't share their belief in the supernatural.”

Lt. Wayne Adkins

2 Responses to “21st March 2015”

  1. Will Walsh Says:

    Bravo to Lt. Adkins. I was an ‘atheist in a foxhole’ for 24 years in the United States Marine Corps. My worldview and philosophy of life is secular, and free of supernatural and mystical elements. Most rational people believe in determinism (all effects have natural causes), and empiricism (evidenced-based truth). Thus atheists do not sincerely believe in creation myth, revelation, or prophecy. Nor can atheists find any rational basis for a theistic god, an afterlife, a cosmic destiny, a supernatural origin of the universe, an immortal soul, or a religious foundation for morality. I am one of millions of atheists and humanists. It’s significant that ‘we’ are far more tolerant of believers than ‘they’ are of nonbelievers. Secularization is a very positive trend toward truth, and away from religious-based conflict and terrorism in the world. In Western nations, military members are diverse believers and nonbelievers who will continue to impartially defend democratic ideals, and the rights of all.

  2. s0l0mon Says:

    The atheist’s are running away from truth.That’s their main philosophy.