20th June 2008

“I don't think Christianity is dying out. It's going through quite a complicated set of transformations. We are not yet so irrelevant that people don't want to know what we think.”

Archbishop Rowan Williams

4 Responses to “20th June 2008”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    No, “arch boy”, but all thinking individuals have long since quit caring what you and your ilk think. That is really what is happening. Folks are gathering up all their old guilt’s and sins and tossing them out due to any number of factors.

    How you or anyone in the so called “church” can remain active in any form of deity belief in the face of (for a sole example) the denial of condoms and sex education to throngs of people who are being killed off by aids is quite simply amazing.

    You are correct in that you are not irrelevant, but you certainly should be. Only weak minded, brainwashed people (and they exist by the multi-millions) will cling to religion when faced with the overwhelming lack of evidence for the existence of a god.


  2. Chris Says:

    BAT – you nailed a major crime of the catholic church which drives me absolutely bat shit crazy – the denial of sexual education and birth/disease control to the very people who would be most helped by it. Religion in general and the catholic church specifically, with their phobic hang ups about human reproduction have condemned MILLIONS in Africa to death, poverty and stigma by an all male and largely homosexual and or sexually deviant and repressed priesthood. How in the name of Darwin can these people be given any credence, ruled as they are by a former Nazi, head of an organization that was a full participant in the holocaust? They have a lot to answer for. We’ve done war crimes trials. These people deserve myth crimes trials.

  3. John Sutton Says:

    When Mr. Williams and his colleagues maintain that they do not recognise the religion Richard Dawkins condemns it is a clear sign of the transformation we can expect. The resurrection, curing the blind, the sermon on the mount and other biblical fairy tales have all suddenly become metaphors for desirable human behavior despite the fact that millions of children around the world have been told that these stories are literally true. They have been eagerly advanced as such by devout christian teachers as proof that Jesus could do magic and so must have been the son of a god.

    The major christian churches are self serving organisations that need to continuously attract new adherents in order to maintain their civic privileges and revenue. They are already starting a rewrite to conform to the rationalism demanded by contemporary atheists.

    Prominent church leaders may not have the grace to admit we are right but every time they lie in this way we know we have gained more ground.

    Rational secularism is winning but it may be more of gradual take-over than an outright victory.

  4. Chris Says:

    Indeed John, when the catholic church decreed that church teachings and evolution were compatible, it was the beginning of the end. Even Newton got an apology.