30th June 2008

“Every time a nation becomes truly advanced in terms of democratic, egalitarian education and prosperity it loses the faith. It's guaranteed. That is why perceptive theists are justifiably scared. In practical terms their only practical hope is for nations to continue to suffer from socio-economic disparity, poverty and maleducation.”

G. Paul & P. Zuckerman

9 Responses to “30th June 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    It would be helpful to know the context of this quote. It applies to no pre-modern state and will never apply to a Muslim one. It was probably written in the context of countries of the West—in the Old and New Worlds. The stated claim is certainly not “guaranteed” unless perhaps the “egalitarian education” is justly secular. Even in the face of the greatest scientific discoveries and revealing truths, the USA viewed as a whole is ‘not losing faith’ but is suffering from a tide of religious revival in states where fundamentalist indoctrination of children continues to be successful—and every four years faithful and faithless Americans elect a believer in a supernatural being or ‘sky god’.
    I’ll agree that it suits the Pope to have mass poverty and mal-education in his territories of influence in South and Central America and elsewhere, which is why he wants to keep raising population levels via the brainwashed credulous—but these countries were never prosperous.
    Is Britain meant by that opening sentence? I suppose it is, at least with regard to anglican christianity among Britons for whom its influence is noticeably decreasing—but not fast enough.

  2. Chris Says:

    I’ve got a theory that’ll be tested this fall. When times are good you can afford to elect religious but otherwise incompetent people to office. Not so now. We’ll see. The quote helps explain the Luddite quality of all religions, Fascislam in particular. I’m tired if hearing these folk decry science and scientists and then go home and eat microwave popcorn in from of the plasma screen tv. Always vote for education funding (so long as it’s secular).

  3. Stewart Paterson Says:

    Chris – I lifted a quote of yours from the Telegraph comments on the Darwin anniversary.

    I’ve only now noticed that you had a link on your page.

    I’ve amended my post to link here.



  4. Chris Says:

    Hi Stew – not sure what you’re talking about… must have coffee…

  5. Stewart Paterson Says:

    You left a comment on a Telegraph article about Darwin

    I blogged about the article and lifted your comment (coz it was good)

    I later re-read your comment and found that you linked to your web site

    I amended my blog post to credit your comment.



  6. Chris Says:

    Thanks – slow on the uptake. Cheers!

  7. Hypatia Says:

    the USA viewed as a whole is ‘not losing faith’ but is suffering from a tide of religious revival

    Terence, I have to disagree with you on this one. On the surface it might appear so, but the apparent revival is all hot air and bluster. In private, an increasing number of Americans have serious doubts. It’s just not easy to come out and express them as yet. But that’s changing thanks to Dawkins and Dennett et al.

    I predict a rapid decline in religious observance when it becomes safe, perhaps even cool, to come out as a non-believer. If you look at the views of the upcoming generation the USA the future looks radically different. The only thing that might change this is immigration.

  8. Terence Meaden Says:

    Oh I hope you are right Hypatia. The fundamentalists make such an awful lot of noise. WE know it is hot air, but the fundies must be encouraged by their own voices, especially in relation to the apparent but limited progress made by intelligent design led by second-rate scientists.
    Please, I urge you all in the States to make the strong anti-theist case ever better known.

  9. Leisa Foster Says:

    good luck