6th July 2008

“It could be said that life is too short to worry about criticizing the religious beliefs of others. However, if we do not, life could turn out to be a whole lot shorter.”

Ben Ridge

2 Responses to “6th July 2008”

  1. ST Says:

    hehe…nice seeing ya up on my QOTD, brother. good one too!

  2. Terence Meaden Says:

    Through the two millennia that embrace Christianity and Islam the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people have been painfully shortened on account of religious beliefs and religious wars. Before then, Judaism was as bad—the Torah supposedly full of such happenings, with its collection of Yahweh stories cobbled together more than 2000 years ago.
    Despite the enlightenment of the last three centuries that has come with the expansion and deepening detail of scientific and medical knowledge, life-shortening on a grand scale from religious terror can happen again, because there are so many pathetic, ill-educated, indoctrinated, prayerful god-worshippers on the loose in our beautiful planet.
    We must do something major about this mental disease, but progress will be slow because it is impossible to override the addled brains of those who never listen.

    A start would be to elect western governments run by atheists. This needs non-religious commonsense populaces; and it needs articulate outspoken atheist candidates. Then we could hope to close faith schools, and stop indoctrination of innocent children wherever they can be reached.

    Essential is a strong voice, as could be initiated by founding and promoting a species of Freethinkers Forum for Freedom from False Faiths which would quickly join with bodies like the National Secular Society to create an umbrella organisation covering other non-religious groups and together be able to confront the proselytizing packs that are the Churches and the favour-seeking, scheming Muslim Council of Britain. We need to ensure that the press and other media hear our pleas and consult us about cultural and moral issues—as they do with ever-ready religious fanatics.
    Mere talking will not move us forward quickly enough. Robust action is necessary. After all, atheists are the ones who are on the philosophically flawless high ground—and know that religion is fiction and logically and hopelessly wrong. And yet superstitious religionists have always been favoured by religious governments and kings through the centuries, usually through fear or the threat of violence.