20th January 2016

“Biology students will be fascinated to discover that human semen is actually produced in the area between a man's backbone and ribs (Sura 86:6-7), and not in the testes and prostate gland, as has been laughably claimed by modern anatomists. It is curious that the ancient Greeks also asserted this to be the case, and we know that much of their learning had been preserved in Arabia and Egypt. But I doubt very much if the compilers of the holy Koran would have incorporated these Greek beliefs into their text, as we all know that all the material within represents a true account of the angelic discourse to Mohammed and not, as some scallywags have asserted, a garbled, pan-Arabic regurgitation of absurd Judeo/Christian dogma, full of contradictions and factual errors.”


One Response to “20th January 2016”

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