26th July 2008

“The spiritual combat, described in the Books of Genesis and Revelation, has continued unabated all down the ages… This combat rages fiercely even today, aided and abetted by well-known secret sects, Satanic groups and New Age movements, to mention but a few, and reveals many ugly heads of the hideous anti-God monster: among them are notoriously secularism, which seeks to build a Godless society; spiritual indifference, which is insensitive to transcendental values; and relativism, which is contrary to the permanent tenets of the Gospel. All of these seek to efface any reference to God or to things supernatural, and to supplant it with mundane values and behaviour patterns which purposely ignore the transcendental and the divine.”

Cardinal Ivan Dias

One Response to “26th July 2008”

  1. John Sutton Says:

    What Cardinal Ivan Dias needs is re-educating. We all live in a godless society because god and spirits do not exist.

    He is ingenuous or perhaps just ignorant when he tries to group atheists with satanists and new agers. These are firmly in the religious camp lending support as they do for the supernatural.

    His views, although extreme and wholly inaccurate when applied to atheists, do reflect the tendency shown by many church leaders to misuse their privileged position to misrepresent the secularists position. We can only hope that most people are more enlightened and see him for the reactionary, religious idiot his words reveal him to be.