5th August 2008

“A non-believer cannot commit blasphemy. To blaspheme, one must be within the set of belief and ritual contrasts of the faith community.”

John S. Wilkins

6 Responses to “5th August 2008”

  1. Nefari Says:

    It’s just a cracker!

  2. Terence Meaden Says:

    Is this how the credulous see it?
    The Oxford English Dictionary, compiled by inevitably-biased Christian scholars, define blasphemy as “profane speaking of God or sacred things; impious irreverence”. This is how the godbots everywhere stifle dissent from any quarter.

  3. John Sutton Says:

    Blasphemy just does not work for me. I have tried and tried but no matter what I say I still cannot produce lightening. If it is possible to offend this non-existent god then I would have been struck down long ago for my blog.

  4. captainzero1969 Says:

    I believe God is a omniridiculous. If he’s not, he should strike John Sutton right now. The quote is, to an atheist, a bit like saying “water is wet” but the simplicity and obvious truth of it are lost on anyone whose thinking has been muddled by religion. I agree with TM – rabid offense taking in response to perceived insults is a great way to prevent future transgressions. Like the rattle on a snake it says “I’m warning you! Don’t talk smack about my god”. Blasphemy is a big deal for these folks because un-responded-to insults to the big invisible father figure look a lot like he doesn’t actually exist. What will the children think?

    While true, it’s a statement of little utility in at least one way. You’ll still get your head hacked off in Baghdad.

    P.S. – sorry if you are now dead, John.


  5. Critic Says:

    Well John, for what it’s worth, I say that if god exists may he strike you with a thunder bolt. (Sorry for piling on – couldn’t help myself.)

  6. BoomerChick Says:

    If this quote of the day is true then my evil plan to blaspheme by naming my bull terrier ‘God’ has backfired.

    I took special delight in telling her “Sit say God”, “Bad girl God”, “Go pee God” and my favorite “God, you are a real alpha bitch”.

    Maybe I will rethink naming one of her puppies ‘Jesus’.