21st August 2008

“Rules are incorporated slowly and deliberately into the convert's belief system. These include blind obedience to church leaders, the teaching of an exclusive, spiritual elitism that demonizes all other ways of being and believing, and a persecution complex that keeps followers mobilized and distrustful of outsiders.”

Chris Hedges

2 Responses to “21st August 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    These are rules of ensnarement into a religious cult.
    The blighters prey on the weak, those who somehow got unhappy for personal reasons, loneliness, dispossession . . . . .
    but whatever the cause that tipped the scales the unfortunates would have had at least some previous, if only minimal, exposure to religion at the time of their schooling.
    So yet again we say: children should never be taught religion with its untruths, for one never knows when the vile recipe will work, when the godbots will get at them.

  2. Jarvis Cohen Says: