12th September 2008

“How is human spirit liberated by catechisms? From my own personal experience of Catholic school, those layers of guilt and manipulation were not 'liberating' in any sense of the word. No one should have to undergo this emotional mauling. The church is a parasite, and a crude method of control.”


6 Responses to “12th September 2008”

  1. John Sutton Says:

    I read this and agree entirely – but why bother to say so when I suspect that the only people who will read my comments are other atheists?

    I write this in the hope that I will be soundly chastised for my trollish thoughts.

  2. Chris Says:

    I experienced this first hand and I have to say that for most it is a prison, erecting (what a great word) walls in the mind. Even if you finally leave it behind, the walls can still be there. It’s a whispering voice – “you’re guilty”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re sinful”, “you need to confess”, “we’re gonna play a little game”(boys only). I’m glad I went to the weekend only version of indoctrination and didn’t have to bear the full blast of catholic school.

    The good news is, with time and education you can silence that annoying priestly voice in your head and work on being a good person for more sound reasons than imaginary hell.

  3. Hypatia Says:

    Even if you finally leave it behind, the walls can still be there.

    That’s the curious twist – the residing curse of Catholicism.

    I’ve known a people who whilst having rejected Catholicism, or some specific teachings, find themselves unable to act outside it without inescapable feelings of guilt.

    They may no longer have any theoretical moral reservations but, in practice, they remain trapped by the taboos they’ve rejected. I’m not talking about fish on Fridays BTW 😉

  4. Chris Says:

    Ha! I still smile inwardly when I eat that Friday fish taco!

  5. Terence Meaden Says:

    The human brain is a delicate organ—it is so easily violated.
    The indoctrinators know this of course. They were caught that way although without realising it at the time. All they know is their ‘faith’, and they overlook its many paradoxes.

    John, there have been a fair few godbots looking in on this web site, but they have gone quiet in recent months. Anything they say gets pulped into paste but their brains carry on sleepwalking.

  6. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    My theory is that religion, gods, the afterlife, arose as a ‘belief’ in people as early as man became aware of his own eventual demise. Since the imagination appears to have no bounds, the psyche cannot accept that IT, the boundless Self, will simply – and totally- cease to Be. For the fragile psyche, even in some individuals trained in the hard sciences, an afterlife is an essential life preserver to which to cling, so you have something like the Discovery Institute, selling Creationism and with it — a Controller behind it all. Who surely will not be able to bear to waste that ego by – phfft!