15th October 2017

“About two-thirds of Ireland's population turned out to see the pope during his three-day visit [in 1979]. Before the pope's arrival, they were entertained by two of the Irish church's most popular and charismatic leaders: Bishop Eamon Casey of Galway and Rev. Michael Cleary, Dublin's 'singing priest,' who had his own show on national radio.

A decade later, it would come to light that Casey was the father of a son by an American woman and had 'borrowed' from church funds to silence them. Cleary, it was discovered, fathered two children and had an abusive relationship with a troubled young woman who worked as his housekeeper… As the sex scandals gathered momentum through the 1990s, so did the flight from the pews. For the church, which once occupied a position at the pinnacle of Irish society, it was a stunning fall from grace.”

David Aaronovitch

One Response to “15th October 2017”

  1. Valkyrie Ziege Says:

    ; Did the Church profiting from the free labour from Magdalene laundries, poor-houses, work-houses, and the mass graves, all centuries before concentration camps, and their profiting from selling children from orphanages, and the constant sexual abuse by the clergy of their deluded followers, not make an impression.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and religions have absolute power.