18th December 2017

“From a miniscule presence in 1900, a mere 0.2% of the globe, these systems [agnosticism and atheism] are today expanding at the extraordinary rate of 8.5 million new converts each year, and are likely to reach one billion adherents soon. A large percentage of their members are the children, grandchildren or the great-great-grandchildren of persons who in their lifetimes were practicing Christians.”

World Christian Encyclopedia

One Response to “18th December 2017”

  1. Black Knight No. 3 Says:

    Interesting use of language here, it may be on purpose to suit the audience of the World Christian Encyclopedia or it may be totally unconcious.

    First of all the writer treats “agnosticism and atheism” as “systems” when, what they are, are not the christian system nor any other system. In fact, they are a lack of a system.

    Then we have converts, as if bands of atheists go around the world proselytising the god-fearing people.

    Finally we have “adherents”. An on-line dictionary describes this as “someone who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas”. Same as the first point, an atheist is someone who does not suscribe to the god hypothesis not someone who substitutes their own hypothesis.