4th October 2008

“Children aged 7-14 believe that Jesus is a nice chap, who wanted everyone to be nice to each other. Fewer than one in ten believed that Jesus was, or is, God. A third found him a bit confusing and more than a quarter thought him hard to believe in.”

Jerusalem Trust survey

6 Responses to “4th October 2008”

  1. Sam Says:

    Can you tell what survey this is from, specifically? Can a copy of its results be found online somewhere?

  2. Admin Says:

    It was taken from here.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    And who put this “nice chap” idea into their heads? It is typical of tender teaching by careful teachers in state schools who mask the nastiness of the bible from more susceptible children for as long as possible. Catholic schools, and Anglican schools where the head is a god-pervert, emphasise the horrors and the god-belief idea early and strongly.

  4. John Sutton Says:

    From my reading of the original article I judge that the authors are biased towards a religious world-view. From the tone of the writing they seem to condemn the children for their rational interpretations of the bible stories, where as, I applaud them.

    What angers me is the futile waste of time spent on drilling these children with silly fairy tales when it is clear that the kids are sensible enough to apply their own rational interpretations despite the supernatural inclinations of their religious teachers.

    It is also clear that many will be calling themselves C of E or Catholic when they are nearer to being atheist, agnostic or deist and that there are far more children who rejecting religion than the churches would admit.

  5. Sailesh Patel Says:

    After being a long time atheist-detesting all forms of dogmas, especially Religious- I now find it pleasing that these young childrens’ concept of Jesus being a nice chap, who wanted everyone to be nice to each other. Does it matter as to the origin or the source of this basic fundamental concept as long as it is understood and hopefully practised? Does it really matter whether God exits or not? The common denominator is Love to and for ALL regardless of others beliefs, persuasions, race or colour.

  6. Terence Meaden Says:

    To some extent you have made a good point.
    In some instances (as with the quietly innocent) it hardly matters to us whether they think god exists or not. But to the warlike, evangelical, tyrannical believer, belief or not can be a matter of life or death—although it shouldn’t.

    John Sutton and I are scientists, always seeking the truth. That is what scientists do. They work, they research, they theorise, they do experiments, all in the name of finding out the truth about the world. And, moreover, scientists strongly believe that children should always be taught the truth–about life and the universe for a start–and not told biblical stories as though they are the truth when most of the stories are false.

    No-one has ever proved that gods exist anywhere at all, other than as fictions inside the heads of susceptible believers who were deluded into accepting as facts what amounts to nothing more than lies.