11th October 2008

“You don't believe in Apollo, Zeus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Odin or any of thousands of other Egyptian, Mayan, Scandinavian or other gods, do you? Well of course you don't. That would be silly. I don't believe in your god either. For the same reason.”


4 Responses to “11th October 2008”

  1. BoomerChick Says:

    What?!! There’s no Flying Spaghetti Monster?!!

  2. Critic Says:

    BoomerChick: It is obviously a dated quote!

    It is amazing that godbots cannot see the truth in this quote.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    “If you tell a story which amounts to a set of lies often enough and with the utmost seriousness, and dress it up as a solemn performance sometimes with the actors in fancy clothes and do it in the presence of children and their parents and schoolteachers, it gets to be damned hard for the more sensitive of youngsters to defend their developing brains from the penetrating onslaught that is the menacing virus of religious belief.” Terence Meaden.

  4. The Atheist Advocate Says:

    I am very fond of this line of thought. Truth is, there are about 200 gods available for humans to worship. If someone doesn’t believe in 199 of them, and I don’t believe in 200 of them, then we have a lot more in common than first meets the eye. And surely enough, I don’t believe in all 200 for the EXACT same reasons they don’t believe in the other 199.