16th October 2008

“The right's current and cynical obsession over abortion stems from the arbitrary invention that God is pro-life, even though, as Mark Twain pointed out in Letters From the Earth, the Biblical God repeatedly orders his followers to outright murder children.”

Gregory Paul

4 Responses to “16th October 2008”

  1. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:


  2. Critic Says:

    While I agree with the post, I also think that the fewer abortions that are performed the better. The choice should reside with the person(s) in the position to make the decision for themselves, not in the political arena. And, mandatory sex education along with free birth control (any variety or combination you prefer) for all should be part of any intelligently run government.

    This article


    provides a surprisingly refreshing viewpoint from a politician (refreshing in itself).

  3. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    I agree completely with Critic. We should focus on the prevention of the (percieved or real) need or desire for abortion.

    I also think sex education ought to be mandatory and not beholden to any “religious” view. Whatever religious spin families wish to place on human sexuality can be done in their own homes and churches, temples, etc…, with the understanding that, whatever one’s religious sensibilities are, you will be exposed to (secular and) scientific facts concerning sex.

    No group, especially fundamentalist religious types, ought to be allowed to “teach” lies (such as the idea that abstinence works, or that sex leads inevitably to pregnancy or STD’s, or that birth control equals abortion, or that AIDS is a gay disease). These groups and individuals ought to be held accountable under the law (jailed/fined/?).

    In other words, as a Christian, I believe that specifically public education, including sex education, ought to be free of religious doctrine and dogma.

  4. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    BTW, I am an Obama supporter.

    Good article at Slate (thanks, Critic).

    The most telling moment in last nights debate came when McCain spoke of his “compassion” for a woman “in the position of making such a decision.” But under the Bush/McCain/Palin/Republican position/policy, no woman would even be allowed to consider such a decision, let alone actually decide one way or the other. She would be forced to give birth, and a decision to abort would be illegal.

    I think it is, at least in principle, possible to articulate an intelligent position on the pro-life side of this issue. Unfortunately, the McCain/Palin ticket appears to be incapable of thinking, intelligently or otherwise.