14th November 2008

“Once, not so very long ago, the Catholic Church was the absolute and autocratic force in our society. It countenanced no defiance and many lives, Catholic or otherwise, were hindered because individuals chose a different path to the one laid down by conventional Catholicism.”

Irish Examiner Editorial

2 Responses to “14th November 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    “hindered”: what a weasel word this is.

    The Irish newspaper euphemises instead of writing:

    millions of lives were “lost and people slaughtered”

  2. Chris Says:

    Yes, TM, they make it sound almost benign. And now, instead of Catholicism we see the rise of the next great force for social repression: Submission (Islam). They come in waves. But as I’m an optimist, the waves seem to be from an ebb tide, each crashing further down the beach. Let’s erect a seawall.